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Welcome to my Travelogue Site!

In these pages I will try to post a little information about where I have been, what I have seen, and where I am heading.  Nothing fancy to start, but hopefully I will be able to polish it up some as I go along...  :)

Latest News:

July 2012: On the road heading across North East Canada towards Labrador, Newfoundland, and the rest of the Atlantic maritime provinces.  Will try to post updates of my progress when I can.

(links to full-sized versions of most photos available by clicking on the image.)

Saturday 28 July, 2012 - Calais, Maine.  Back in the US-of-A this evening.  Checked out the Bay of Fundy earlier today.  Looks like rain along the coast of Maine for Sunday, so don't know what my plans will be.  The next place that is on my schedule that I want to visit for sure is Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  If it is really rainy, I may opt to get a bit farther from the border so that I can be sure that my cell phone is back in network and then hole up in a motel for the rest of the day in order to catch up with going through my daily photos and do some better updates...  ;-)

Wednesday 25 July, 2012 - Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. I have been on "The Rock" as the locals call it for three days now.  The ride down to the Atlantic coast of Labrador was dry, and dusty, and long.  Most of the gravel highway was relatively smooth, which lulls you into a false sense of security.  So you let your speed creep up until suddenly several huge holes appear immediately in front of you with barely any time to react.... Oops!!!  If you are lucky there is a path to swerve between them, because if you hit the brakes in a futile attempt to slow down all you do is compress the front suspension so that the front wheel can't rebound from the hit.  I hit a couple of holes so hard that I pulled over afterwards to make sure that I hadn't bent the rim!  You need to keep an eye on the road at ALL times to avoid the random large holes.  Which isn't all that much of a burden since the scenery doesn't change for hundreds of miles.  Low rolling hills covered with stunted spruce trees...  For mile, after mile, after mile, after mile...... 

I will post more about Newfoundland at my next WiFi stop, but right now my lunch is finished and the rain is slacking off, so it is time to hit the road.

Friday 20 July, 2012 - Happy Valley-Goose Bay Labrador.  Spent the last couple of days on quite a bit of gravel to get this far, and it looks like another 2 days of gravel roads as I go forward.  Heading towards Cartwright Labrador on Saturday, and then down the Atlantic coast Sunday.

One thing that I don't understand... I have never needed to explain to others not to put their hands on my sidecar, but when I got to Goose Bay I had locals rubbing the gritty dust off of the soft plastic windshield to look inside the sidecar while I was eating dinner.  What made them think that it was alright to go rubbing dust/grit off of someone else's property in the first place?!?!?!  And it apparently wasn't just one person, there were several different sized hand prints in the painted surfaces where they were leaning on it and rubbing at the paint as well!!!  Who now pays for a replacement for my heavily scratched windshield???      Heathens!!!


No time to post any new photos tonight.  I just want to take a shower to clean up and relax after being upset at some of the locals and then get some sleep.

Tuesday 17 July, 2012 - Ending the day in Saguenay, Quebec.  Seems that Northern Quebec is nothing more than endless gentle rolling hills covered with spruce - with the occasional high-voltage power line heading South towards the big cities...

At least the rest areas are nice.  They even had two free rowboats available for use at this one!

Sunday 15 July, 2012 - Stopping for the evening in La Sarre, Quebec.  Free municipal camping, and free community WiFi in the local parks.  What it there not to like!  ;-)

Friday 13 July, 2012 - Pausing in Wawa, Ontario after driving up the Eastern shore of Lake Superior.  The geese get mighty big up in these parts...

Wednesday 11 July, 2012 - First day of the trip. Saw this historical marker in a Michigan U.P. rest area.

Previous Sighting:

New Year's Eve Weekend, 2011-2012: Took a little trip down to Ohio to visit some friends for a great party that they host every year.  Was nice weather for the trip down and back.  Hope that anyone else had a good holiday season!

July, 2011 - Took a little trip over the U.P. of Michigan and down to Columbus Ohio for a Mensa gathering.

December, 2010 - After finishing the basement remodeling project, I needed a break.  So I tok a trip to visit friends for a New Year's Eve party in Dayton Ohio, and then made my way South to Florida for the rest of January.
It was a colder than normal January in Florida, but still much better weather than Wisconsin! 
(Lessons learned: Don't try to stay overnight in a Walmart lot in a densely populated area...)

July, 2009 - Across the plains to the Black Hills and onward to visit a friend in Casper, WY before heading to the USCA national sidecar rally @ Lake Tahoe.  Then down through Yosemite and over to to California Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway...  Some great scenery and twisty roads along the coast and up through Redwoods National Park.  Then into Oregon, Washington, and Idaho to reach Glacier N.P. before heading back homeward.


Maps of Where I have been

17 July 2012 - To Labrador & beyond.  New mappage coming as I move down the road... 

(Click on Map image for full sized version)

Photo Album

Visit my photo album page to see some of my travel photos.



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